Dr. Pedro Castano -
Research Associate Professor
Image: Polymethylbenzene encapsulated into a SAPO-34 cage
© Pedro C.

My research focuses on engineering products and processes involved in a sustainable scenario of fuels and chemicals: products as organic mixtures and wastes (biomass, plastics, fossil-fuels and bio-residues), and processes involving multi-functional catalysts and reactors.

My specific goals are: (1) understanding the fundamental relationships between structure, performance and deactivation of heterogeneous catalysts; (2) designing novel catalysts and reactors with enhanced throughput, selectivity and stability; and (3) developing models accounting kinetics, hydrodynamics, deactivation and regeneration. Do not hesitate to send me your questions or feedback.

Previous Employers:

  1. BulletDelft University of Technology, TUDelft

  2. BulletThe University of Western Ontario, UWO

  3. BulletMassachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT

Research interests:

Catalysis science & engineering, chemical reactor design, new sources of fuels and chemicals, bio-refinery, catalyst deactivation, fluid catalytic cracking, waste-refinery, zeolites, catalyst characterization, multiphase reactors, modeling reactor kinetics and hydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, zeolites, high throughput experimentation (HTE), bifunctional catalyst, hydrocracking, hydroprocessing, spectroscopy and spectroscopic techniques for characterizing surfaces, catalyst and adsorbates, transport phenomena, new synthesis routes of catalyst, low sulphur and low aromatic gasoline and diesel, coke formation, ...


  1. BulletChemical Reactor Design (BSc, ChemE & BioTech, 3rd year)

  2. BulletControl and Instrumentation of Chemical Processes (BSc, ChemE, 3rd year)

  3. BulletProduct and Process Engineering (BSc, ChemE, 3rd year)

  4. BulletNumerical Methods for Chemical Engineers (BSc, ChemE , 2nd year)

  5. Bullet...


  1. BulletAmerican Chemical Society (ACS)

  2. BulletSpanish Society of Catalysis (SECAT)

  3. BulletAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

  4. BulletSpanish Royal Society of Chemistry (RSEQ)

  5. BulletAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)