Vol 25, No 2 (2010)

XIIth Taller d'Investigació en Filosofia

Table of Contents


Editor's Introduction: XIIth Taller d'Investigació en Filosofia PDF
Mireia López 133-135
Truth-Functional and Penumbral Intuitions PDF
Sergi Oms 137-147
A Not So Fine Modal Version of Generality Relativism PDF
Gonçalo Santos 149-161
Counting Possibilia PDF
Alfredo Tomasetta 163-174
Fictional Reports A Study on the Semantics of Fictional Names PDF
Fiora Salis 175-185
Is There a Specific Experience of Thinking? PDF
Marta Jorba 187-196
Learning and Selection Processes PDF
Marc Artiga 197-209
The Consent Solution to Punishment and the Explicit Denial Objection PDF
Miroslav Imbrisevic 211-224


The Aristotelian Heritage in Early Naval Architecture. From the Venice Arsenal to the French Navy, 1500-1700 PDF () PDF
Larrie David Ferreiro 227-241


Casanueva & Bolaños (coords.), El giro pictórico. Epistemología de la imagen PDF
José Ramón Marcaida 245-247
Gómez & Canales (eds.), Ciencia y fascismo. La ciencia de posguerra española PDF
Lino Camprubí 247-250
Lázaro, Vidas y muertes de Luis Martín Santos PDF
Juan Carlos Hernández-Clemente 250-52





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