Vol 22, No 3 (2007)

On Atocha Aliseda's _Abductive Reasoning_

Table of Contents


Abductive Reasoning: Challenges Ahead PDF
Atocha Aliseda 261-270
Abduction at the interface of Logic and Philosophy of Science PDF
Johan Van Benthem 271-273
Logic and Abduction: Cognitive Externalizations in Demonstrative Environments PDF
Lorenzo Magnani 275-284
Metamodeling abduction PDF
Ángel Nepomuceno, Fernando Soler Toscano 285-293
Abduction through semantic tableaux versus abduction through goal-directed proofs PDF
Joke Meheus, Dagmar Provijn 295-304
Ignorance and Semantic Tableaux: Aliseda on Abduction PDF
John Woods 305-318
Dos aspectos del razonamiento abductivo PDF
Silvio Pinto 319-324
Structural Rules for Abduction PDF
Ilka Niiniluoto 325-329
Idealization, Abduction, and Progressive Scientific Change PDF
Xavier de Donato-Rodríguez 331-338
Abduction and Inference to the Best Explanation PDF
Valeriano Iranzo 339-346
¿Qué queda de la distinción entre contexto de descubrimiento y contexto de justificación? PDF
Ana Rosa Pérez Ransanz 347-350


Getting rid of the Ether. Could Physics have achieved it sooner, with better assistance from Philosophy? PDF
Roberto Torretti 353-374





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