Vol 18, No 2 (2003)

On M. Gómez-Torrente's _Forma lógica y modalidad_

Table of Contents


Logical Consequence and Logical Expressions PDF
Mario Gómez-Torrente 131-144
Which Modal Models are the Right Ones (for Logical Necessity)? PDF
John P. Burgess 145-158
Gómez-Torrente on Modality and Tarskian Logical Consequence PDF
Manuel García-Carpintero 159-170
Logic, the A Priori, and the Empirical, PDF
William H. Hanson 171-177
Remarks on Second-Order Consequence PDF
Ignacio Jané 179-187
A Characterization of Logical Constants Is Possible PDF
Gila Sher 189-198
The ‘Must’ and the ‘Heptahedron’. Remarks on Remarks PDF
Mario Gómez-Torrente 199-206


The Perverse Normative Power of Self-Exceptions PDF
Julia Barragán 209-225


In Memoriam: Josep Lluís Blasco y la libertad de pensar (1940-2003) PDF
Josep Corbí 229-231


Wittgenstein, Tractatus logico-philosophicus. Traducción, introducción y notas de Luis M. Valdés Villanueva PDF
Luis Fernández Moreno 235-237





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