Vol 29, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


El giro dinámico en la epistemología formal: el caso del razonamiento explicativo PDF
Fernando Soler Toscano 181-199
The Knowability Argument and the Syntactic Type-Theoretic Approach PDF
Lucas Rosenblatt 201-221
Deductive Nomological Model and Mathematics: Making Dissatisfaction more Satisfactory PDF
Daniele Molinini 223-241
Meta-incommensurability Revisited PDF
Hyundeuk Cheon 243-259
Los orbitales cuánticos y la autonomía del mundo químico PDF
Mariana Córdoba, Juan Camilo Martínez 261-279


What's Wrong With Our Theories of Evidence? PDF
Julian Reiss 283-306


Korta & Perry. 2011. Critical Pragmatics: An Inquiry into Reference and Communication. PDF
Mark Jary 309-311
Jarvie & Zamora-Bonilla, eds. 2011. The SAGE Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Sciences. PDF
Johanna Thoma 311-315
Moscoso. 2012. Pain: A Cultural History. PDF
Stephanie Eichberg 316-318





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