bol: 46, zk: 1 (2012)

Papers in linguistics by the BIDE generation

Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza & Jon Franco (arg.)


Zenbaki osoa

ASJU 46-1. Zenbaki osoa PDF (English)


Preface PDF (English)
Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza, Jon Franco ix
Ellipsis in negative fragment answers PDF (English)
Lobke Aelbrecht 1-15
On category restrictions in across-the-boar and parasitic domains: evidence from Russian PDF (English)
Irina Agafonova 17-32
The gradient OCP: evidence from Korean reduplication PDF (English)
Young-ran An 33-53
A non-unidirectional movement in the verbal system? PDF (English)
Alexander Andrason 55-71
Vowel quality effects on hiatus resolution in Spanish PDF (English)
Irene Barberia 73-82
Lengthening and prosody in Tuscan Italian PDF (English)
Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza 83-108
Determiner sharing in Spanish: DET & DET(Foc) PDF (English)
Naiara Centeno 109-123
The distribution between the Old Dutch present perfect and preterit PDF (English)
Marijke de Belder 125-136
Postverbal subject agreement in SVO languages PDF (English)
Jon Franco, Susana Huidobro 137-150
Laryngeals and prosody in Panoan PDF (English)
Carolina González 151-168
Interference during subject retrieval in sentence comprehension. An interference-based checking account for object attraction PDF (English)
Jana Häussler 169-182
The Hebrew binyan "nif'al": two patterns of verbal passivization? PDF (English)
Lior Laks 183-193
The acquisiton of aspect in Italian PDF (English)
Paolo Lorusso 195-231
Aspectual interpretation and calculation PDF (English)
Jonathan E. MacDonald 213-225
On incrementality, overt agreement, the duality of merge and the duality of semantics PDF (English)
Iván Ortega-Santos 227-240
Reanalyzing the them vowel in Portuguese PDF (English)
Veronika Pulai 241-250
Two languages, two intonations? Statements and yes/no questions in Spanish and Basque PDF (English)
Sergio Robles-Puente 251-262
Mouthing: a discourse strategy in spoken language-to-signed language interpretation PDF (English)
Julia Romanchuk-Weisenberg 263-276
How does grammar emerge for children simultaneously acquiring Basque and Spanish as L1S? PDF (English)
Ainhoa Sáinz 277-283
Uniqueness and pertainedness in genitive constructions PDF (English)
Susan Schweitzer 285-294
Andalusian vowel harmony and morphology-phonology interface PDF (English)
Bàrbara Soriano 295-307
Was Middle English a templatic language? PDF (English)
Attila Starčević 309-336
Definite, expletive and silent articles: [+REF] elements heading the DP PDF (English)
Inma Taboada 337-344

ISSN: 0582-6152